Who is Borrowed Insight

I am Romney Whitehead, a digital content and transformation specialist with 20 years experience in the world of DAM and content management procuring and implementing systems. I have worked in FMCG, video gaming, brand management, magazines and eCommerce environments working as the translator between technology and business requirements. I work along the whole content supply chain, from creation to storage to publishing, across data, IP rights, process flows, deployment and change management.

I enjoy coming up with creative ways to develop new digital products, generate buy in from users and stakeholders for implementation of new workflows and technology, and expediency when rolling out systems or new ways of working. My motto – if you can’t deliver a thin slice deliverable or a proof of concept in three months then don’t do it.
And I also like craft beer…but that’s another story.

If you are interested in some consultancy or advisory services then email me at


My Specialties include: Digital Asset Management (DAM); Digital Content Platforms and Ecosystem; New product development (Apps and Websites); Creative workflow management; Project management; Business change; Rights management, Taxonomy

Expert in the digital content ecosystem, content strategies and the full digital asset lifecycle process from creation of content, to design processes for print and digital websites and apps, publishing of the content to multiple platforms, data management, syndication of content, and storage within a central repository. Here I will try and share my insights and observations from my many years working in the field of digital content, offer advice to those who ask for it, tips and tricks to those who want it, and links to some things I find useful.


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