There is only 48 hours to go before the start of what some would arguably call the biggest digital asset management conference of the community, Henry Stewart DAM New York. Having attended this conference in the past I have seen its numbers grow, so much do that this year they can accommodate three different tracks. I will be participating and although I am looking forward to doing my best Simon Cowell impression for the Great DAM Bake Off on day two, the session I am most looking forward to taking part in is the Essential DAM Roundtables on the afternoon of day one. This session, run by Lauren Philson with a couple of us helping out, is looking at what are the greatest challenges in DAM for the participants.

Having worked in the field of DAM for a great many years and having attended lots of conferences I know that the greatest challenges can be a hot topic, but I’m interested to see if this year the challenges have moved away from the familiar territory we have all no doubt encountered in the past. Be you new to DAM or a seasoned veteran I have no doubt that topics about stakeholder buy in, vendor selection, or getting the business to understand exactly what a DAM is, will have been discussed at length in darkened back bars over a cocktail or two, and I also have no doubt that some horror stories will have emerged from said conversations.

But this year I feel more hopeful, perhaps even erring towards positivity. This year I’m hoping that rather than nightmare tales that we have instead some tales of achievement against the odds, enlightenment of business stakeholders, a tale where DAM was the knight in shining armour swooping in to save the business from the dragons of executive oversight.

And I urge you, if you are attending the session, to remain positive. After all the greatest challenges can also bring us the greatest opportunities to show how valuable DAM can be, how we can solve problems with it, and how tenatious we DAMmers can be when faced with a challenge that others may find soul destroying. Why? Well because we’ve had years of practice getting through the same challenges for every new installation of a DAM. And sharing that practice with our community is what is making us all perfect.

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