The feedback from our clients


“Romney was an excellent coach and mentor and her expertise in DAM, taxonomy, governance and everything that surrounds managing a global DAM system really came to light. Romney is great to work with, always friendly and very easy to collaborate with as well as very knowledgeable in the area!”


“Romney really is a person with in-depth knowledge and expertise on Digital Asset Management, related processes, best practices and tools. She also knows how to manage the change aspects whilst deploying a solution in a complex multi-category / multi-brand context and is able to communicate with positive impact to stakeholders at different levels of seniority”

We Animals Media

“Romney helped us expand the way we were thinking about the project, allowing us to consider not just our end-users, but to see the possibilities to streamline our backend processes as well. After working with Romney we had much more clarity about what we wanted and what was available to us on the DAM market. Clearly an expert in her field, Romney was also incredibly pleasant to work with and VERY generous with her time and knowledge.”


“Romney was a source of information about industry best practices, workflow, and metadata. Romney is a talented and resourceful leader who would make tremendous contributions to any digital content initiative. “

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