Romney has worked with companies such as BBC Worldwide, NET-A-PORTER, Nestle, Sunstar Europe, We Animals Media, EA Sports, David Yurman, Bauer Publishing and the Magazine Publishers Association NZ

Borrowed Insight offers a variety of services within the Content and Data Management Ecosystem

Digital Asset Management

Assessment of current tools, existing process mapping and ways of working. Comprehensive deployment planning, new processes, gap analysis and governance documentation, as well as training materials, best practices and education on DAM and content management.

Digital Transformation

Communicating and understanding the wants and needs of people is key to a successful digital transformation. We work with all levels within the company to ensure transparency and clear understanding of any change management challenges around technology deployment, supporting this with comprehensive documentation, best practices and ensuring all stakeholders, both internal and external, are supporting the technology deployment and transformation required.

Master Data Strategy

Working across content, product and consumer data, we can provide a comprehensive service to allow creation and implementation of a master data strategy, and support taxonomy creation to allow your business to manage and leverage its data in a more comprehensive manner.

Content Marketing Lifecycle and Content Management

Strategies for leveraging content and data to allow for better use of content within the business. We also work with external stakeholders such as agencies to create a governance model that is followed both internally and externally.