Curation v Creation part 2

Whilst visiting my parents this weekend I embarked on my usual photographic voyage with my iPhone taking pictures of the garden, the cats in strange sleeping positions, my Sunday lunch, the usual myriad of once taken immediately forgotten shots. And later that same weekend I’m desperately trying to find a picture I took in Iceland of an amazing waterfall, scrolling through my phone library too and fro, all in vain and I have to give up before I give myself RSI. 

So I spent the next day going through my photo library deleting duplicates, deleting pictures of the same cat taken from a dozen different angles and deleted lots of pictures of my mums lemon meringue pie. Delete, delete, delete. By the end of the day I had much more space on my phone, I could find things, but all in all I had lost the will to live a little. 

That’s just me and my asset management challenges, wondering why I’m not labelling things properly but also wondering why I insist on continuously taking throw away images when I promised myself I wouldn’t. 

Now imagine you are a massive multinational global company producing thousands of assets a day. And all of those assets are disappearing into a bottomless pit that may or may not be a DAM system. Is anyone curating this content? Would anyone want such a thankless task?

I will be addressing this question and if you’re lucky perhaps some others at this years Henry Stewart DAM EU conference in London next week. So if you want to know the rest of the story then come along and get some ideas about how to think about curating such a vast amount of content.  Because you know there are options. And not all of them involve the delete button. 

Register for Henry Stewart DAM EU2016 using the code Romney200 to get £200 off your ticket.

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