There is only 48 hours to go before the start of what some would arguably call the biggest digital asset management conference of the community, Henry Stewart DAM New York. Having attended this conference in the past I have seen its numbers grow, so much do that this year they can accommodate three different tracks. […]

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London DAM MeetUpĀ 

And they’re off, again. Yes the London DAM MeetUp is once again revitalised and to get everyone in the mood they are doing it as an informal social get together for Thursday 10th March at the Dover Castle pub near Oxford Circus. If you haven’t been to one of these before I would urge you […]

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Where’s DAM?

Recently I was talking with an IT executive who was explaining to me a very complex diagram containing lots of boxes that summed up the companies system architecture. I immediately spotted a glaring omission in the diagram, in that DAM was missing from it completely. I pointed this out to him and he looked at […]

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One giant leap for DAM

After raising its head during the Henry Stewart DAM conference earlier this year, the question of where the DAM team and system should sit within a business was also discussed at the London DAM meetup recently, (admittedly I did raise the subject), and once again I was amazed at the variety of places a business […]

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